PhD 1984 School of Clinical Medicine, Queen's University Belfast
Professor, School of Pharmacy, Queen's University in Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK


Chris Shaw received his BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences from the University of Ulster in 1980 and his PhD in Molecular Endocrinology from Queen’s University Belfast in 1984. He spent 1985-1986 as a visiting senior research fellow in the Max Planck Institute for Gastrointestinal Endocrinology, Gottingen, Germany, in the lab of Dr. Mike Conlon. He has held positions of lecturer, reader and Professor in Queen’s University, Faculty of Medicine, and of Professor of Biotechnology in the University of Ulster. He is currently Professor of Drug Discovery in the School of Pharmacy, Queen’s University, Belfast. His research interest is in all aspects of bioactive peptides and currently his research focus is directed towards the discovery of novel peptides from venoms, especially those of amphibians, which may have clinically-important effects or may serve as leads for drug development. Prof. Shaw has authored over 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers and has delivered numerous invited international lectures.

Regulatory peptide biochemistry, helminth neurobiology, host-parasite interactions, comparative helminth neuroendocrinology, radioimmunoassay methodology, immunocytochemistry methodology, peptide phylogeny, peptide ontogeny, peptide purification, isolation and sequencing of peptides, peptide interaction with target cells, peptide degradation, peptidase specificity and localisation, analysis of synthetic peptide analogues and their interaction with antibodies and receptors, peptide radioiodination methodology including purification and analysis of mechanisms, production of peptide antisera of discrete specificity, peptide chromatography including HPLC, peptides in endocrine and non-endocrine neoplasias, the physiology and pathophysiology of regulatory peptides in man and animals, raising of antisera to and localising biogenic amines and other small transmitters, natural product chemistry and drug discovery, venom peptides and proteins, isolation, pharmacological characterisation and molecular cloning of novel bioactive peptides, analogue and inhibitor design, angiogenesis, cell growth regulators, vasoactives, neuropeptides and feeding/anxiety behaviours, insulin-releasing molecules, commercialisation of research, public understanding of science, research ethics

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TOP ROW, left to right: Dr. Cian McCrudden, Leo (Xiaole Chen), Daniel (Zhihao Zhou), Abao (Dr. Tianbao Chen), Professor Chris Shaw, Michelle (Dr. Mei Zhou), Rebecca Houston, Amber (Yangjun Lin), Valerie C. Clark, M. Sc. FRONT ROW, left to right: Elaine (Nan Pan), Nancy (Ying Xu), Titi (Ting Yan), Starwin (Xinxing Han), Alice (Ran Wang), Erin (Xiaofeng Jiang), Jessie (Jia Li). Photo taken on 22 June 2009.

LECTURERS: Abao (Dr. Tianbao Chen), Michelle (Dr. Mei Zhou);
POST DOCS: Dr. Cian McCrudden, Sheena (Dr. Chen Wei);
VISITOR(S): Enrico Koenig (Germany).

Start Year 2006- 3rd years: Hang Chen, Fiona (Wang Lei), Rose (Ganhong Song);
Start Year 2007- 2nd years: Ammar Almaaytah, Mark (Xianda Hu), Vivian (Min Wang), April (Le Wei), Nancy (Ying Xu), Lisa (Yu Zhou), Daniel (Zhihao Zhou);
Start Year 2008- 1st years: Valerie C. Clark, Rebecca Houston.

Leo (Xiaole Chen), Joyce (Tian Gan), Starwin (Xinxing Han), Erin (Xiaofeng Jiang), Jessie (Jia Li), Sam (Chen Lin), Amber (Yangjun Lin), Elaine (Nan Pan), Alice (Ran Wang), Titi (Ting Yan), Michael (Mu Yang), Jeff (Ruowen Zhang), Alex (Yao Zhang).

Drs. James Brogan, Doris (Qiwei Chen), Julie McKenna, Donkey (Hecheng Meng), Grace (Sijing Meng), Martin O’Rouke, Jenny (Zhenzhen Quan), Cherry (Yiting Sin), Li Shen (Steven), Lanny (Lan Wei), Karen (Xiaowei Zhou)... MORE DETAILS COMING SOON!!!

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