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Lizards were photographed in Ranomafana National Park, SE Madagascar. Photographs are copyright Valerie C. Clark and can only be used with written permission. Please scroll down

Calumma o. oshaughnessy in Vatoharanana, primary forest

Calumma brevicorne with attributes of Calumma crypticum, in the primary forst of Vatoharanana.


Aww it's just a baby! (Calumma o. oshaughnessy)

It is a dead leaf on the forest floor......NO it is a Brookesia superciliaris, a dwarf chameleon on a trail in Ranomafana near Talatakely.

This Brookesia species also looks like a leaf, and even has the same head shape as the last. But it has spines on both sides along its back, making it different from the last.

Some subjects are just too hard to focus and I have missed the shot. On the left is a minature chameleon (Brookesia minima??? or perhaps young of another Brookesia species) that is no longer than a matchstick. On the right...

another out of focus shot of Calumma nasutum... it is raining again, but wait, it gets better!!!

Two color morphs from Ranomafana of the fantastic leaf tailed gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus). Lichen or not, these guys blend in!

Phelsuma quadriocellata were extremely abundant at the Talatakely field station in Ranomafana National Park.

This little skink was recovered from a leaf litter sifter that busted open. Lucky day~~~

I caught this snake in Vatoharanana. It was delightfully friendly and photogenic. Liopholidophis sexlineatus.

Thanks to Chris Anderson for keying out some of the photos on this page. Visit Ranomafana with MICET-ICTE.

All photos are copyright Valerie C. Clark and can only be used with written permission from [email protected].

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