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Page 1-- the way in and up to the top of Mount Kopinang, Wokomung Massif . . . . . Page 2-- the way down and out. Photographs are copyright Valerie C. Clark and can only be used with written permission.

The following photos are shown in chronological order-- let's go to remote rainforest/cloud forest in Guyana, northern South America!!!

We bought awesome tropical fruit and I enjoyed making the men in uniform laugh.

Flying low over the sandstone mesas, or tepuis, of the Guiana highlands, this rainbow leads to a treasure trove of new species awaiting discovery!!!

This is just one side of the enormous Wokomung Massif. We are about to hike up the slope on the right.

Upon arrival we stayed at the village guesthouse. On right the Wokomung Massif is covered in clouds.

First had to hike a couple of miles to the base of the Wokomung Massif-- it was super hot!

Some pretty fungi on the hike up. I was tummy to the ground to get these angles.

This tree looked even redder in life, and this forest floor plant was cute. A cute plant?

There really is no trail per se... the hike was thus all the more fun!

Left to right: looking down into a valley from the ridge, a tree fern seen on the hike back up from that valley, and some epiphytes on a tall tree seen as dusk. Time for a break and camping night one.

After a sweaty day of hiking, a drink and dip in this ice cold stream was great.

The forest floor was covered in cool plants that would make any landscape artist swoon!

Here She is!! You can see the eggs in Her belly! A goddess :-)

Check out those toes on the hind leg on right photo! The Oreophrynella nearly have zygodactylus feet.

Colesthetus cf. beebei were teeny-tiny!

First aid time for the blister. You don't get up these slopes that easy!

Canama Falls, Mount Kopinang, Wokomung Massif = most beautiful place on Earth!

Cloud front approaching-- full view on left, closeup on right...

You can now barely see the cloud front on left, then suddenly, it comes up the cliff and hits you (on right)! That means your camera ceases to function.

All photos are copyright Valerie C. Clark and can only be used with written permission from [email protected].

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